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MDS Visiting Professor Program 2024 May 17-18 for Neurologists, residents.

Prof. Lim Shen Yang
Prof. Ravi Yadav

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Department of Neurology has aim of providing the best medical care in the evaluation and management of patients with various neurological disorders. It also aims to uplift the academic excellence in the field of Neurology. Since its establishment, the department was moving forward under the leadership and guidance of respected Prof Dr Krishna Kumar Oli, MD, PhD. The department provides medical care to more than 500 outpatients per week and about 30-40% total admissions in the medical wards. In addition, teaching learning activities is extraordinarily immense with journal clubs, topic presentations, mortality presentations and case presentations. The department enrolls a DM Neurology resident each year and has already produced 6 batches of neurologists, out of which, 3 have joined Maharajgunj medical campus and rests are in other medical institutions around the country. Present manpower and activities of Department of Neurology has been listed below.



DM Residents

1. Dr Bikram Prasad Gajurel, MD, DM, Stroke Specialist
(Head,  Associate Professor)

2. Dr Ragesh Karn, MD, DM ( Associate. Professor)

3. Dr Reema Rajbhandari, MD (Asst. Professor)

4. Dr. Rajeev Ojha, MD, DM (Asst. Professor)

1. Dr. Jay Ram Lamichhane  (First Year)

2. Dr Pragya Bhandari ( First Year)

3. Dr. Pukar Ghimire ( Second Year)

4. Dr Pradeep Panthee ( Second Year )

5. Dr. Sumit Shahi (Final Year)

Research and Publications

Original articles, systematic reviews, meta-analysis and case reports published by faculties and DM residents of Neurology Department


For Patients, avoid the long queue at hospital

Online Appointment < Click Here

Current Outpatient Schedules

 1. Morning OPDs on Monday: 9:00 am 1:00 pm

 2. Evening OPD on Wednesday: 2:00 pm 4:00 pm (Follow-up)

 3. Friday OPD has currently been kept in rotation with other medical OPDs, comes once a month : 9:00 am 1:00 pm

4. Tuesday has Neuro-ophthalmology OPD at 2:00 pm every week at B.P.  Koirala Lions Center for Ophthalmic Studies.

Patient can send clear message regarding their problems and inquiries in our whatsapp and email service. We are not able to receive the phone or whatsapp calls.

 WhatsApp message: 9803124776


 Department activities photos


Headache Visiting Professor 2019 ( IHS)



Movement Disorders Visiting Professor 2018 (MDS)

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