Research and Publications


Research and Publications


      Clinical Researches


1.           Thrombolysis in Acute Ischemic Stroke

2.           Randomized control trial in the management of Carpal tunnel syndrome

3.           Electrophysiological subtypes and outcome in Guillain Barre Syndrome

4.           Telemedicine in the management of Parkinsonís Disease

5.           Economic Burden of Parkinsonís Disease


     Previous Publications

1.     Gajurel BP. Nepal: the pain of stroke treatment. Practical Neurology. 2020 Aug 19.

2.     Ojha R, Shahi S, Nepal G, Shakya A, Gajurel BP, Karn R, Rajbhandari R, Gautam N. The diagnostic quandary of magnetic resonance imaging-negative Hirayama disease: a case report. Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2020 Dec;14(1):1-5.

3.     Ghimire P, Khanal UP, Gajurel BP, Karn R, Rajbhandari R, Paudel S, Gautam N, Ojha R. Anti‐LGI1, anti‐GABABR, and Anti‐CASPR2 encephalitides in Asia: A systematic review. Brain and Behavior. 2020 Aug 12:e01793.

4.     Sporadic Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease: A Case Report and Review of Literature; Rajeev Ojha, Gaurav Nepal, Sujan Jamarkattel, Bikram P Gajurel, Ragesh Karn, Reema Rajbhandari; Clin Case Rep. 2020, June

5.     Efficacy and safety of rituximab in autoimmune encephalitis: a meta-analysis; Nepal, Gaurav; Shing, Yow; Yadav, Jayant; Rehrig, Jessica; Ojha, Rajeev; Huang Ya, Dong; Gajurel Prasad, Bikram; Acta Neurologica Scandavica; 2020 June

6.     Rayamahji P, Karn R, Gajurel BP, Rajbhandari R, Ojha R, Agrawal JP. Clinico-etiological Profile of Seizure Disorder among Adults Admitted to Tertiary Care Hospital of Nepal. Journal of Institute of Medicine Nepal. 2019 Apr 30;41(1):79-84.

7.     Clinical outcome of intravenous immunoglobulin in the treatment of Guillain Barre Syndrome in a Nepalese tertiary centre. Ojha R, Karn R.  Nep Med J;2(1):133-7; 2019

8.     Rajbhandari R, Parajuli P, Oli KK. Ischemic Stroke in Young Adults: Study of the Subtypes, Risk factors and Predictors of Poor Outcomes. Nepal Journal of Neuroscience. 2019 Jun 12;16(1):29-34.

9.     Spectrum of Cryptococcal Meningoencephalitis in Tertiary Hospital in Nepal; G Kharel, R karn, R Rajbhandari, R Ojha; Journal of Institute of Medicine, 42:1;27-31; 2018

10.  Clinical Profile of Patients with Myasthenia Gravis in A Tertiary Center of Nepal; R Ojha, KK Oli, BP Gajurel, R Karn, R Rajbhandari; Nepal Journal of Neuroscience 14:14-19, 2017





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